Agenda 3-12-2018


Monday, March 12, 2018

9:00 AM - Room 103 - Cross Office Building, Augusta, ME

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Call to Order and Introductions

Acceptance of the December 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes


    LTTT - Distance Learning Specialist - Deborah Friedman/Amanda Nguyen

MEDMS and Long. Data Systems – Rick Bergeron

E-Rate and NetworkMaine Update  - Anne Perloff


MEA Testing - Andy Wallace

ACHIEVE Award - Deb White

Tech Integrator's Group  - Mike Arsenault

METDA - Technology Director’s Group - Andy Wallace

MSLN participation fees for 2018-19 - Will Backman


ACTEM18 Conference  - Cheryl Oakes

    ACTEM 2018 Keynotes - Joe Sanfelippo & Holly Clark

    Call for Workshop Proposals open through April 30th

Professional Development  - Dennis Kunces

    PD Reimbursement - Reminder of process

Executive Director  - Gary Lanoie



Software News/Updates


NEISTE Report  - Gary Lanoie

    Check NEISTE Website for Free Webinars

Upcoming Vendor Summit - April 6-7, 2018  - Wentworth by the Sea Hotel &

    Spa, New Castle, NH 03854

Possible Makey Makey Training?

ACTEM continuing membership in NEISTE for 2018

Presidents Report - Dennis Crowe

    Spring Leadership Conference - April 24, 2018

At Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland. Conference theme, Networks, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity. Cost per person is $30 that includes snacks, lunch, and parking.

FTC Conference comments

ISTE 2018

Regional Tech Meeting sponsorship

Reminder that ACTEM wants to help support regional tech meetings buy helping with lunch. The limit is $10 per person and we will do it twice a year. Contact Gary Lanoie to arrange reimbursement.

New Business:

Teach Wonder Initiative Announcement - Jeff Mao

Round Table Discussions:

LinkIt - Matthew Wilson, Director of Educational Programs



Lunch for the March ACTEM Business meeting is provided by LinkIt.  Thank you Matthew Wilson!


This agenda is just a suggestion of topics to be shared, discussed, etc.....

We will welcome any suggestions for other areas to be discussed.


Future Business Meeting Dates:

May 14, 2018


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