Lightspeed Classroom Audio Systems

Established in 1990, Lightspeed is dedicated to making a remarkable difference for teachers and students by creating access to powerful in-the-moment insights into the learning process. We create access to the teacher's voice for all students in the classroom that isn't available without our solutions. We also provide access to authentic student conversations and the learning process that isn't available to the teacher in any other way. At our very core, we aspire to improve the lives of those we touch with our research, products, service and partnerships. 

  • Teachers wear a small mic to ensure students hear, understand, and gain insights by creating excellent speech intelligibility and even distribution of sound. 
  • Pods placed in small groups provide teachers insights to student needs in real-time, while providing students the autonomy that encourages collaborative learning. 
  • Capture video and audio for evidence of learning and teacher coaching. It's easy for teachers to record lessons and share techniques with peers.

ACTEM member districts receive special pricing (22% off list) and free shipping. Questions? Tom Gilmartin is the local sales representative. He can be reached at 617.538.1326 or


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