Filemaker Server

 Filemaker Server AVLA Annual Subscription

You must renew the license annually to continue using Filemaker server software. You will always have the most recent version of Filemaker server with the subscription option.  

License orders are delivered electronically to the end user with instructions for downloading the program.

Filemaker Server Concurrent Connections

What are FileMaker Server concurrent connections?

FileMaker Server concurrent connections are a paid-for add-on to your FileMaker Server that allow your users to access FileMaker solutions on your server from:  1)  the FileMaker Go app for iPad or iPhone     2)  any device running FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser

How many FileMaker Server concurrent connections do I need to buy?

You only need to buy as many connections that occur simultaneously from FileMaker Go and/or web browser users. If your users will be connecting at the same time for most of the time then it’s a good bet to buy as many connections as you have users. However, if your users overlap their usage for 50% of the time then you would only need about 50% of the user number.

What happens if I reach the concurrent connections limit on my FileMaker Server?

Once your FileMaker Server reaches the limit of concurrent connections you have purchased it will refuse any further connections from FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect users. 

For pricing please email


FileMaker AVLA - Annual subscription licenses

You must renew the license annually to continue to use FileMaker. You are always assured of having the latest version of FileMaker.

IMPORTANT: When placing an order for a FileMaker subscription license...

You must complete a quick online form prior to the order being placed.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose this for an Annual Volume License (AVLA):  "Annual Volume License"
  3. Complete the form including the bottom portion and SUBMIT.
  4. Email your  "eAccept number"  to

For pricing please email

AVLA License orders are delivered electronically to the end user with instructions for downloading the program

Perpetual Licensing

FileMaker Perpetual licenses

You own Filemaker software license purchased permanently.   This means the current version at time of purchase.  You may run perpetual licenses for as long as you wish. 

One year of Maintenance is automatically included with new licensing purchases in quantity of 5 or more for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced.

NOTE About Perpetual License Upgrades:

Perpetual licensing upgrades are no longer available from Filemaker.  

If a customers maintenance program has expired with Filemaker  -  You will have to purchase new Filemaker licenses.  

Filemaker VLA  =  Volume License Agreement, Available for purchases of 5 or more licenses at discounted pricing.   

Minimum Order/Re-Order: 

5 for FileMaker; May reorder at 1 with a current VLA (Volume License Agreement) number.

Please email for Filemaker Software Perpetual License Pricing

























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