TEQ Online Professional Development

ACTEM Member Schools & Districts can subscribe to Teq Online PD (http://opd.teq.com)

and save 25% on a $99 per teacher subscription

Over 70,000 educators are fulfilling their PD requirements while honing their ed tech skills with Teq Online PD (OPD). It is

your one source for the fusion of technology and learning.

  • Live courses each week on how to incorporate classroom technologies into instruction. Interact directly with our

presenters, ask questions, and master new ed tech skills.

  • Certifications comprised of in-depth, chaptered sessions that guide you through the complete implementation of

popular classroom technology. Current certification tracks include G Suite (Google), SMART, Apple, Microsoft, and more.

  • OPD is a convenient and flexible way to fulfill required PD hours from the comfort of home. Check with your district for

approval to use OPD to fulfill any required PD hours.

  • Track progress towards your PD goals. See what courses and certifications are being completed by teachers to guide

your PD initiatives. Teachers can earn badges and track their individual success.

  • Instructional support -- interact directly with our team of Professional Development Specialists via live chat, video

conference, text chat, or email. Receive instant help when you need it.

Sign up for a FREE trial and join the thousands of schools already benefiting from OPD!

Call Christian Roberts at (877) 455-9369 x3165 or email christianroberts@teq.com to get started.


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