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ACTEM and Software MacKiev have partnered to offer Maine schools educational pricing on their many software titles.

Software Title Offerings: 

Roger Wagner’s HyperStudio® 5

HyperStudio's flexible environment offers students a creative space where they can express ideas and attitudes, probe and evaluate, all while using the latest technologies. Challenge your students to think critically and creatively while writing in images, text, sound, movies, and animations. With elegantly simple tools and a drag and drop environment, younger users to the most sophisticated technology-using students can create digital culture.

HyperStudio® AUTHOR         

HyperStudio AUTHOR is an elegantly simple way to design interactive widgets that can be dropped into Apple's free iBooks Author app to create extraordinary interactive books for the iPad. Teachers can prepare interactive lessons and publish them as iBooks for their students to download. Students can tell their stories in a professional eBook form with highly interactive multimedia content they create themselves with HyperStudio's award-winning drawing, painting and presentation tools. Mac OS X-only. Requires 10.7 or later.

Kid Pix® 3D - for Mac, PC, and Windows 8 Pro tablets

For nearly a quarter century, KID PIX has been the digital canvas of choice for more than 50 million students around the world. Whether creating a digital storybook about the letter B, telling a multimedia story about a journey to the moon, or designing an animated research project on early American pioneers, KID PIX helps students learn as they imagine, explore, create and share.

The Print Shop 2 for Mac

Software MacKiev's second award-winning edition of The Print Shop for Mac is the easiest way to create impressive print projects such as greeting cards, calendars, business cards, newsletters, and CD labels.  This version has more than a hundred new and improved features, including a set of powerful yet easy-to-use layout tools (rulers, grids, guidelines and "snap to" functionality) to make designing custom projects even easier.  The  Print Shop 2 comes in a 2-CD set that includes a bonus Art CD. FREE BONUS BOOK! – Each order ships with a 184-page full-color user guide.

3D Weather Globe™ & Atlas – Deluxe Edition 

Software MacKiev's award-winning 3D Weather Globe adds a new dimension in this new edition with ten times higher resolution, and 3D views of Earth. You don't just look at the Andes mountains from above – now you tilt the Earth view so you can fly through them. Catch the first snow in the arctic, watch the sun rise over the Hawaiian islands, or find your favorite constellation in the night sky. 

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing® - School Edition

Mavis Beacon, the world's most famous typing teacher, provides dynamic personal instruction, placing students in lessons based on their current skill level and adjusting their path as their typing improves. Optional lessons are included for the Dvorak keyboard, used by the world's fastest typists. Students can compete in 2-computer typing games over the school network. New practice options include typing RSS news feeds, iTunes® song lyrics, and the full text of classic novels. Grades 1 and up.

Edmark Thinkin' Things®

Thinkin' Things Collection 1 takes place in Toony the Loon's Lagoon where six different activities help early learners develop visual, spatial, logical and musical memory, problem solving skills, and essential 

critical-thinking skills. With all instructions spoken by the characters, reading is not required so that non-readers can participate fully.

Edmark Thinkin' Science®

Five different areas in the Super Secret Science Station™ show young students the scientific method and concepts of basic earth, life and physical sciences. Students will learn to think like scientists as they solve problems using hypothesis, experimentation, observation, and deduction. Other skills students develop are memory, problem solving, following multiple steps, data interpretation, and measurement. 


3rd Grade Adventures Mystery of Mathra 

Venture deep into the rain forest to learn language arts, reading, math, science, geography, and problem solving.

4th Grade Adventures Puzzle of the Pyramid 

Enter an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb to learn vocabulary, math, reading, science & logic, geography & maps, and problem solving.

5th Grade Adventures Secret of Living Volcano 

Explore a mysterious volcanic island to learn vocabulary, reading & history, math & fractions, science & circuitry, geography & maps, and language arts.

6th Grade Adventures Empire of the Plant People 

Descend into the empire of the plant people to learn vocabulary, reading, math & science, history & culture, number computation and problem solving.

Math Adventures Mystery of the Himalayas 

Trek into the world's highest mountain to learn multiplication, division, geometry, decimals, fractions, area & perimeter and problem solving. Grades 3-6+ 

Search & Solve Adventures 

Venture into a haunted carnival to learn spatial relationships, logical analysis, data collection, pattern recognition, hypothesis testing and more. Grades 3-6+

2013 World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia 

The wonders of our world are captured in this new edition of World Book. It's completely up to date with more than 4,000 new and updated articles from Arab Spring to Hunger Games, and from Jack Black to Whitney Houston, as well as gorgeous new photographs, video clips, and illustrations. Students can see how a killer tornado is formed and witness the notorious Berlin Wall coming down. They can watch cheetahs running seventy miles an hour and see how ancient Egyptians made mummies. The journey begins here.


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