ACTEM is pleased to be a reseller for LanSchool, a classroom management solution that supports PCs, Macs, and Thin Clients such as NComputing, Terminal Services, and Citrix.

In July 2012, Stoneware announced the release of LanSchool v7.7. 

LanSchool v7.7 includes the ability to provide Distance Teaching, expanded iOS Teacher Assistant, iOS Student, and Android Student support.  For existing customers, it is available for download. 

Stoneware is proud to be the first classroom management vendor to provide Distance Teaching over the Internet.  With this release, classroom management is no longer bound to an internal school network. Teachers have the same ability to help students learn no matter where they are located.

Distance Teaching is made possible by combining LanSchool with the webRelay technology inside Stoneware’s webNetwork 6.1.  

Other key features include:

Classroom Management from the Cloud 

Because LanSchool 7.7 now integrates with webNetwork, districts can manage classrooms where students connect to the Cloud in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting.  Students and teachers no longer have to install a LanSchool agent. They can authenticate to the webNetwork Unified Cloud, and the LanSchool On-demand agent runs on the device.

iOS Teacher Assistant

The Remote Control Student feature in LanSchool 7.7 allows teachers to be mobile in the classroom while still having access to remotely use the mouse and keyboard on a selected student’s machine. Remote Control Teacher allows teachers to use all the features of the LanSchool Teacher Console remotely. 

iOS Student

LanSchool is the first classroom management vendor to monitor, limit and track web browsing on an iPad through the new integrated web browser. The  iOS Student app also includes the ability to receive “Show Teacher” and “Show Student” screen broadcasts.

Android Support

LanSchool 7.7 supports Android smartphones and tablets so teachers can view student thumbnails, receive “Show Teacher” screen broadcasts, administer tests, send messages, receive voting results and reply to questions from students who are using Android devices in the classroom.


LanSchool uses an order of magnitude less bandwidth on computer networks.  This makes LanSchool trouble free in wireless 1:1 environments.  LanSchool supports classroom lists, which means as students with laptops assemble in a class, the teacher pushes a button to pull all of them into that class session.

LanSchool offers unique support - Included in the purchase price are three (3) years of maintenance, support, and upgrades. After three years the cost of an upgrade is just one third of the license fee.

The LanSchool Site License for $2899 (ACTEM member price) covers the entire school for less than the cost of just 7 classrooms.


·         It will not be necessary to keep track of multiple licenses as they will all be consolidated into one license.

·         You will be able to use LanSchool on any computer in the district, even in classrooms that only have a few computers where purchasing a full classroom license doesn’t make sense.

 ·         The district will be covered regardless of any future growth, even if entire new schools are built they will be licensed to use LanSchool.

·         All computers in the district will be on the same version of LanSchool and eligible for the same upgrades. You will lock in your upgrade fee.  With your purchase of LanSchool you receive three years of support and upgrade protection.  After three years the cost of an upgrade is just one third of the license fee.


A 30-day fully functional trial version is available as a download.

Click here for a quick tour of LanSchool – Also check out the Technical Advantages page and the FAQs under Support.  Trial version available.


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