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The above link is a quick look at what you can find at  The 31st Annual ACTEM Conference on October 11 &  12, 2018 at the Augusta Civic Center!

This is not to suggest these are the only offerings you might be interested in, but At A Glance, there is something for you in your specific job area, plus MORE!

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ACTEM 2018 Conference Program

The ACTEM 2018 Conference program is now available online at the following link:

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The goal of the Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine Conference is to provide a wide-ranging professional development experience that will energize attendees and encourage them to enhance their teaching with new knowledge and skills.

Proposals should address the needs of today’s learners, educators and administrators by focusing on innovative and emerging trends as well as current practices.

We are looking for a wide variety of presentations and presenters who are up to the challenge! Help us make this 30th edition of the ACTEM Technology Conference even better than ever! 

We have expanded the session types for this year and are looking for the following types of sessions:
Half-day, Hands-On Sessions: These are hands-on workshops where participants can dig deeply into a topic, try out new ideas, and create or develop something they can use in their schools.

One-Hour Sessions: These are the traditional conference sessions where a presenter introduces and discusses an idea, shares something that has worked for him or her, or inspires the participants to try something new. There may or may not be a hands-on component, but audience participation is encouraged.

15-Minute, Mini Sessions: These are TED Talk style sessions where the presenter gives an inspirational, highly engaging talk. The presenter focuses on one idea and develops it with visuals designed to tell a story or get a point across in a short amount of time. For an example, check out Tristan Harris’s TED Talk, How Better Tech Could Protect Us From Distraction.
5-Minute Ignite Presentation: This is a fun and exciting way to share an idea. The presenter has 20 slides that are timed to change at 15-second intervals, for a total of ve minutes. These are carefully designed, well-rehearsed presentations. For an example, check out this talk from Ignite Sydney: Prisoners Who Code.

Presenter's (and up to one co-presenter's) registration and lunch for the day of your presentation are offered free, as a thank you for being part of our conference program (your annual ACTEM membership dues not included).

Submit your proposal today!

Vendors: The ACTEM Technology Conference traditionally reserves a large percentage of workshop sessions to be presented by educators. Vendors may submit workshop proposals but are encouraged to partner with educators using their products or services. Vendors wishing to present product/service demonstrations or informational sessions should contact ACTEM's Business Manager, Gary Lanoie at for other presentation options offered for vendors.

Thank you,

Barbara Greenstone & Crystal Priest, Conference Co-Chairs


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