Workshop session details will be updated as they become available in the table below:

 Workshop  Presenter/s  Description
Keynote: Cybersecurity Threats to School Networks Simon Weller, Director of Technology  ENA
Concerned about cybersecurity threats taking down your network or compromising your data? Join our security expert at this year’s spring conference to discover steps you can take to boost your school district’s network security and minimize the possibility of ransomware or DDoS attacks.
Social Credit Score: Empower Students and Teachers to Confront the Hidden Risks and Potential Benefits of Their Digital Footprint Eric Butash, Director of Operations | Highlander Institute
If schools are going to successfully reimagine education, IT leaders must work in new and better ways to support innovative learning opportunities while ensuring digital privacy, safety, and security. But read the headlines: Colleges and businesses are beginning to assess our students like banks evaluate borrowers, using a Social Media Credit Score to better understand potential risks. While some students have seen their college acceptances and job offers rescinded, others are having scholarships and unique internships offered skyrocket based on social media reports generated by social media investigation companies like Social Intelligence. Stop looking for social media's "OFF" button! This session will help school IT leaders discover constructive ways to protect and educate students and teachers on this new threat. As a participant, you will walk away with a clear understanding of your role and techniques you can use to assist the most connected generation proactively build positive online identities. Their future depends on it.
Cybersecurity on the Front Lines: What You Need to Know and How You Need to Plan Mark Villinski, Director- Field Marketing | Kaspersky Lab When it comes to cybersecurity, the threat landscape is changing every day. From ransomware attacks to the security of the Internet of Things, there’s a lot to take in. Let our experts break it down for you. Join Kaspersky to learn about trends from the past year and predictions for the future of cybersecurity. This talk will give you a sharper focus on how to protect your organizations and how to plan for your future IT security needs. 
How Prepared Are You for a Digital Disaster? Simon Weller, Director of Technology  ENA
 Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and techniques are heavily marketed but can be difficult to implement successfully. In this session, you'll learn how to create a basic disaster recovery plan. We’ll also highlight some solutions crafted by our experienced ENA engineering team that can significantly mitigate your exposure and loss in the event disaster does strike.
Edupoint - New Product Features Preview RTI and Analytics Coy Travers, Product Evangelist & Mark Wilson, Regional Sales Manager  |  Edupoint Round table dialogue to discuss topics of interest with Coy Travers, Product Evangelist and Mark Wilson, Regional Sales Manager. 
Safety First! Securing your Network and Protecting your Users David Andrade, K-12 Education Strategist | CDW-G  In this session, we will discuss how to secure your network, devices on your network, devices that go home with students, online and network safety, student data security and privacy, and other topics, along with tools and resources to help you do this.
Engage, Inspire, Connect: Wireless Networking and Mobility Solutions for Education Stephen Kim, Sr. Systems Engineer | Aerohive The only solution guaranteed to improve student performance is great teaching. Come learn how a scalable, simple, and secure wireless networking and mobility solution can give your teachers a new platform to engage and inspire their students. From local schools in Maine to some of the largest school districts in the country, Aerohive provides the Wi-Fi network infrastructure for the next generation of 1:1 programs and on-line learning, with gradual deployment and easy operations that leaves more budget for what really matters. Learn about peers who are using the solution today, discuss upcoming standards & WLAN innovations, and learn about the latest and greatest in products and management. 
 LinkIt! Student Data and Privacy Best Practices Workshop

Matthew Wilson,  Director of Educational Programs  |  LinkIt! 

Matthew Wilson, former school superintendent and the Director of Educational Programs with LinkIt!, the industry leader in K-12 school data warehousing and analytics, will provide district leaders with examples of best practices and do's and don'ts for the process of transferring, storing, and analyzing student data in a vendor platform.  Participants will also review Maine student data in the LinkIt! platform and learn why districts throughout Maine have chosen to partner with LinkIt! for their data needs. 
 Apple Education: Student Data Privacy and Security  Apple Join Apple for a conversation around K-12 student data privacy and security. In this session we will discuss Apple's security approach and demonstrate some of the privacy features of Apple’s education solutions.  At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. We are committed to helping protect all of our users with leading privacy and security technologies that are designed to safeguard personal information.  
 TPx & Fortinet End-to-End Solution for your School's Network Tyler Dunphy, TPx
& Fortinet
Come see how TPx can deliver a fully managed and monitored next-generation security solution for your school's network.  TPx with Fortinet, as a trusted security partner, can provide an outsourced Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) & Security Operations (SOC)  within a school's network to maintain a secure environment while ensuring continuity of your daily operations.  This session will also highlight the value of this service in the K-12 environment. 
 The Network Outage that never happened - WCA IT Assessments

Dean LeClerc, Director of Emerging Technology, Whalley Computer Associates, Inc 

Come join WCA as we explore our suite of next generation assessment services and hear about how it discovered issues before they became critical.  WCA will present a comprehensive review of the five key areas where you can gain the critical data you need to take control of your infrastructure.  Whether it is server and storage capacity planning, prepping for a virtualized environment, wireless optimization, power and cooling, or assessing the overall health of your network, WCA will work with you to make sure that you are following industry-leading, best practices in all of your technology deployments. Attendees should have basic knowledge of network infrastructure components (switches, servers, storage) and will leave with an understanding of the value of proactive service delivery vs reactive as well as engage with real life example of data collection that can reduce downtime and reduce costs.

 Leveraging your Network to Support Physical Security Measures and Notification Systems  Tom Willoughby, Singlewire

Are your people notified if there is an emergency in their area? – or just their building?  What if you could let people know what is going on in close proximity to them during an emergency.  We’ll discuss Panic buttons and stations, 2-way paging and communications, emergency stations, door sensors and others and how these IOT devices can be used to increase awareness and safety measures. 

 Common Cyber Security Concerns for K-12 Schools Dave Lavallee, System Engineer ePlus Technology Inc.  In many public places WIFI networks provide free – un-hindered access. What are you doing to protect your Valuable assets – your data from malicious activity both in the cloud and on premises. We’ll talk about the network as a security platform and cloud protection mechanisms you can implement and control access with beyond firewalls and AV. 
 Best Practices for School Networks Brian Barrows, Northeast Technologies & Brandon Curry  Brian spent 15 years in education before starting his company Northeast Technologies in 2007.  He has been assisting and advising schools on networking and technology for over 10 years.  Join this session for a discussion of best practices he has discovered through his work with many school districts in Maine and New England.


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